Sunday Brunch

Every Sunday people gather to laugh, drink, and eat over eggs and bacon or pizza and bubbly, something we’ve grown to know and love as brunch. Brunch is a universal language that everyone can speak. Living in two cities, my Sunday brunch options are endless.

I’ve condensed a list of a few of my favorite Sunday brunch spots in both of my favorite cities:


Coppersmith located in South Boston known for their wide selection of vegetables and sauces at their bloody mary bar

Lincoln located in South Boston known for their brunch test kitchen or their famous fruity pebble pancakes

Tip Tap Room located in Beacon Hill known for their eccentric menu

The Beehive located in the South End known for their fresh ingredients and good music

New York City

Café Select located in Soho, a cozy spot offering delicious taste and a quaint setting

Egg Shop located on Elizabeth Street offering eggs a countless number of ways

Balthazar located in Soho offering fresh fish, fresh pastries, and everything in between

The Delicatessen located on Prince Street known for comfort food; my all time favorite, their chicken and waffles

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